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The Sun - Goat Scandal

     The following incident was featured on BBC Radio 1 and 2,,2001320029-2007180345,00.html



     The Sun

     Russell's not gruff at goat

     April 20, 2007


     Silly billy ... Russell Brand



     RUSSELL Brand got into trouble with telly bosses — when he helped smuggle a GOAT into a studio.


     He was filming a pilot for new talkshow, Russell Brand's Marvellous Ballbags.


     His guests, rock band Medusa, stopped at a field on the way, stole a goat and sneaked it into his dressing room where it ATE his clothes and POOED in his shoes.


     Instead of being angry, Brand, 31, thought it was hilarious and persuaded furious telly bosses to let the animal stay.


     Medusa had previously enraged Brand by stealing his garden gnome but were invited on the show as part of a truce.

   * FOR more info on Medusa, go to