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Medusa is a UK Punk Band that's notoriously known as the guys who stole Russell Brand's garden gnome after a private performance, and when invited on to his show as a peace offering, snuck a goat in to his dressing room which proceeded to eat his clothes and poo in his shoes.



They have also worn as a badge of pride the ability to be banned from almost every venue they played at when first starting out. But if you want further details on all of that you will be able to do a Google search and I'm sure you can find it quickly. Alternatively you can visit their army of sites and pages for further details and listen to their music at;



However, in the middle of promoting their latest album "Can't Fucking Win", I was able to steal a few moments of frontman Julian Molinero's time to ask questions that I hoped would not place him in a coma from boredom.




The Interview



After reading your bio I see that the band was started in 1998, and then you played around for a few years but resurrected the band in 2006. Why was there such a huge break before you got back in to it? Actually it was going from '98 to 2004, only gaining a drummer and playing a first gig in 2000, then around summer 2004 after only playing gigs, never making any proper recordings, when that line up dissolved I had become bored of the punk style that we were playing and was obsessed with developing on guitar. Particularly with solos, so I tried several times to put a new line up together but I was more interested in progressing. Also during this time I managed to aquire my rare guitar modelled on the tailfin of a '57 Chevy Bel Air and amp which I still use now, so this time wasn't wasted, it was spent developing ideas for what would become Medusa when I put together a new band to record the first album, which happened in September 2006.



Everything that I have read about your band indicates that you are the driving force at making it a success. From writing and recording the songs, to taking over the direction of the videos; does all that responsibility ever get too much? And how do you stay motivated to continue pushing the band forth? I just have a strong vision of the band and know how I want things and my desire to get things done isn't stoppable or something even I, can control. It's music done for the right reasons and I believe in it. No matter what forces are against me, I would rather live in a cave and be doing exactly what I want than sell my freedom to be a slave to something else.



Your plans for Medusa started when you were 14 years of age, what was it about music that made you choose it as your creative outlet? Was it the only option you had at the time or were you in to other creative pursuits? Before I discovered bands I liked, I didn't particularly care for music but I liked movies and TV... entertainment in general. I loved Beavis and Butt-head and thought I perhaps wanted to get into animation. But when I discovered music, I was torn.



Animation or learning guitar... I read Mike Judge who made Beavis and Butt-head also was a guitarist, so that settled it for me. That confirmed guitar was something I should do too.



Then, at the end of last year I found some independently made Ramones cartoons on youtube that were really cool and started wondering, what would have appened if I had chosen animation instead, because it was close for a while. So for the Tinkerbell music video I bought some art tools, figured out a way to animate and

made a cartoon of the band for it. It took me six weeks and I will not be making another animation! I found it a painfully slow, boring and horrible process, but

at least now I know!





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