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Press Quotes

“his guests, rock band Medusa, stopped at a field on the way, stole a goat and sneaked it into his dressing room where it ATE his clothes and POOED in his shoes” The Sun



“Julian Molinero has more attitude than a hound with a postman in his mouth” Rock Pulse



“Totally blown away. All the tracks make us just wanna create havoc and chaos. The guitar licks are raw, edgy and full of energy. So good that they make hecklerspray want to strap on air guitars and rock out all night long. That's why Medusa dick on the Towers Of London”



"The bad boys of metal" FMV Magazine



“I'm really honoured and pleased to listen and feature Medusa. You're So Lucid almost brings a tear to my eye. Honestly. Medusa takes me back to my youth. I am really pleased to be listening to them at the moment” Rodrigo de Sá - Recharged Radio



“This band is fantastic” Adam Howes - Frequency Radio



“The only thing that would make this band even more awesome? Hookers...” Jay Anthony Franke [Jake Sommers - California Dreams]



“Get yer hair cut!” Paul Di'Anno - Iron Maiden