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Lemur Radio - Featurette

Indie of the Month: MEDVSA


Last month I guess we could say that Poweys were the indie of the month. Who cares it’s completely made up anyways. I’m here to talk about a band from the UK (I only assume this because of their dot co dot uk website). Finally we have a modern rock group that has the potential to find a band member passed out beside a toilet, covered in vomit, coked to the gills and getting head from a mid level hooker… All without a pulse!


These guys appear to be 2012's answer to over-hyped, over-played, pop bullshit. We have such shitty news these days, let’s bring back the TV out the hotel window from 37 floors up. What ever happened to dipping headbands into acid then fucking people’s faces melodic vibrations? Sorry, got way off topic there, clearly I am missing something in my life. I hope these guys stay true to the path they appear to be walking. But for now, enjoy their new music video. This song is off their new album “Can’t Fucking Win” which can be purchased by clicking the album to the right. That’s all for now folks, Party On!