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     An Introduction To... Medusa  


      Thursday, 09 August 2007




     The UK's Medusa state on their myspace page "Medusa is the rock 'n' roll phenomenon the 21st century has been screaming for. In just a few months, Medusa has become one of the hottest new groups in the UK."


     They've had run ins with Russel Brand involving Goats and Gnomes, but exactly who are they, where have they been, and more importantly, where are they going.


     We caught up with frontman Julian Molinero to find out.


     Komodo Rock: For those that are new to Medusa, can you give us a little background on the band?


     Julian Molinero: I was at a bar in Manchester about a year ago and I saw this teenage kid playing drums, he had a bar stool on his head and was hitting it with his sticks. He was as wasted as I was and sounded so good I couldn't resist picking up the guitar and jamming with him right there and then. A few weeks later I called him up and asked if he wanted to record an album. The rest is history.


     How did the name come about?


     I decided on the name a long time ago and it stuck right away. It just fit. I think it was originally a twist on Madonna.


     Put on the spot, which 3 bands have influenced the band the most?


     I don't know if I can answer that question because our tastes, mine especially just change all the time and are totally inconsistent. We're not trying to emulate anyone or be a certain style and that makes everything more difficult. It changes day to day with me, I'm pretty bipolar, this week it would be Hole, Cyndi Lauper and Doro but I grew up on punk.


     Having said that I don't think I would play guitar the way I do without Eddie Van Halen or Yngwie Malmsteen.


     What's the biggest gig you've ever played?


     I'm not sure, we got to play some of the bigger venues almost straight away, we managed to fill Manchester Academy as one of our earliest shows and getting asked to play at M-Two, a 2000 capacity converted theatre-turned nightclub for their launch night, was a lot of fun.


     If you could put together your dream 3 band tour, who'd you pick?


     Any band that knows how to have fun, that would be the most important thing.


     What's the highest point of your career so far?


     I enjoy the chaos that follows us everywhere.


     My personal highlights would be stuff like the playfight we had in front of the stage in Leeds or watching our drummer Scampi throwing tables about backstage at the Nice 'n' Sleazy Festival. We thought we could piss off all the punks by playing Buddy Holly songs and 90's dance but it didn't work, they liked us.


     And the lowest?


     Snorting cocaine with David Bowie.


     In 12 months time, where do you see the band being, and what will you be doing?


     That all depends on Lady Luck. I can't say, I can't even see two weeks into the future, maybe we will be undergoing medical experiments for money.


     There's a story about you, Russell Brand and a Goat. Care to enlighten us?


     If you buy a man's size 9 and a women's size 9, they will not be the same size 9.








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