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Julian Molinero

Julian Molinero was born in Blackburn, Lancashire in Northern England, where he spent his early years. He discovered punk music around the age of 13 and had formed Medusa by age 14. Medusa made their live debut 2 years later.


Playing around the north of England, the group became banned from the vast majority of venues they played at due to their wild behaviour and antics.


After a hiatus of about a year, the band re-emerged in 2006 with their self-titled debut album and a new line up that had been formed a matter of weeks before recording. The album was more heavily influenced by 80s hard rock than the band's previous style and featured all new songs. The album is short, very raw and was recorded in only 5 days, with the first day spent entirely on setting up sounds.


After playing many live shows across the UK and being featured in the national press several times, Medusa recorded their 2nd album Can't Fucking Win which was released in 2011. This album was much more diverse, featuring a range of styles from acoustic to punk via ska and dance. The album's melodies, stark honesty and themes being the constant factor.


After having been previously based in various places around the north of England, Julian relocated to London just before the album's release, where the band played live shows and recorded music videos in support of Can't Fucking Win. The 3rd album, Headcase's Handbook, recorded with a new line up, was released in October 2014.