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     Now Medusa's Goat Craps In Russell Brand's Shoes


     April 20th, 2007 at 11:00 by Stuart Heritage



     Medusa Russell Brand Goat Crap shit shoes ballbagsTerrifying hecklerspray-approved rock behemoths Medusa are rapidly turning into The Beatles of destroying items belonging to Russell Brand with bodily waste matter - this time, Medusa destroy Russell Brand's shoes and clothes with goat poo.


     You'll remember that recent MySpace Trawl victims Medusa got in trouble a while back when an impromptu gig at Russell Brand's house ended with members of Medusa pissing on Russell Brand's fish statue and then running away with one of his gnomes. Well, it appears that Russell Brand has sufficiently forgiven Medusa enough to invite them onto his new TV show, the forebodingly-titled Russell Brand's Marvellous Ballbags. And then Medusa smuggled a goat into the studio. And then the goat ate all of Russell Brand's clothes and shat into his shoes. Medusa bassist Amadeus De La Fontaine told hecklerspray:


         "We snook the little bastard in inside a bass cab that we use to transport contraband. 'Shoes' the goat was in the dressing room on his own for a good 20 minutes and chewed up a couple of Russell's frilly shirts, shat in his pointy shoes and helped himself to some of his hair products. It was fucking shitting all over the place. Russell was prancing around in a tizz complaining that one of his cravats was missing too. It was marvellous!"


     While drummer Scampi 'Little Legs' Strachan added:


         "The goat was a fuckin' beast guvnor!"


     We're not sure where this Medusa-based persecution of Russell Brand will end, although we get the feeling that 'in tears' would be an appropriate conclusion. Anyway, anything that makes Russell Brand prance around in a tizz is alright by is, so we're putting Shoes The Goat forward for some kind of official royal commendation.


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