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     Our Friends Medusa Piss On Russell Brand’s Fish Statue


     April 2nd, 2007 at 10:45 by Stuart Heritage



     Medusa Russell Brand Gnome pissing statue The Sun


     Of all the bands we’ve had on our MySpace Trawl feature, none have captured our affections quite as much as deranged rockers Medusa - and now Medusa are in a national newspaper for doing something very weird indeed to Russell Brand’s gnome.


     Buy a copy of today’s Sun newspaper and - right there on page three - there’s Medusa, determined to maintain the fame they acquired by being part of our MySpace Trawl feature by, well, having a piss on a statue of a trout belonging to axed MTV presenter Russell Brand and then stealing his garden gnome. Fortunately Medusa’s Julian Molinero has given hecklerspray his side of this whole Russell Brand statue-pissing incident:


         "Russell Brand was gonna set about helping us to get signed a couple of months back and organised us to play a private show at his house for some of his friends, the band got a bit wasted afterwards though, I don’t remember too much that clearly, but the bass player Amadeus De La Fontaine had a piss on a statue of a trout wearing pyjamas. And Russell went crazy and started lecturing us about how much things cost. The other people that were there seemed to be homosexual hairdressers and didn’t appreciate it, he told us the deal was off. I stole a garden gnome on the way out."


     God bless Medusa for getting in touch with their version of events - after all, having a piss on Russell Brand’s pyjama-fish statue and then pinching his gnome is the new rock and roll, we heard.

Hecklerspray - Gnome Scandal