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     March 1st, 2007 at 15:30 by Matthew Laidlow


     Medusa Myspace page



     With hecklerspray's current liking of all that is guitar-related, we thought it was about time we delved in to the scary and sometimes unpredictable world of hardcore rock and roll. We're hard enough to take on anything. We think.


     Now, usually when we pick out an act for you to listen to, we trawl through tons of stuff before picking something out. We listen to each song a good few times and then decide if they're good enough. Well this time, we picked this week's MySpace Trawl band Medusa partly because of their brilliant MySpace tagline – "We dick on the Towers Of London." We think the Towers Of London are dicks, and if you agree with us, you'll get in to our good books.  


     Now, we don't want to go on too much about Towers Of London as they're just a waste of our precious bandwidth, but we will say they are one of the most horrible and piss-poor excuses for a so called punk band we've come across in a long time. We thought punk music was all about rebellion and sticking two fingers up to society, so it's all very confusing when the Towers Of London decided to let crappy Sky channel Bravo follow them around in a reality-style TV programme. Add to the fact that lead singer Donny appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, but then ran away like a big girl when he wouldn't become Jade Goody's bitch. He doesn't seem to rock and roll to us. Though to be fair, he didn't run off Never Mind The Buzzcocks like the goon from The Ordinary Boys did when he was being ripped into from all angles for marrying some Paris Hilton bimbo lookalike. But enough of those tossers.


     Hecklerspray has been known to take part in a few rock n roll antics in our time. Well actually, that's a bit of a lie. Whilst over the years such tales of Ozzy Osbourne having a sly nibble on a bat and snorting ants have graced the pages of tabloids across the world, we can safely say we haven't done that. Other bands trash their hotel rooms, drink themselves to death on gallons of Jack Daniels, bed scores of groupies and leave a general trail of destruction behind them. Again, hecklerspray hasn't gone that far. If we're being totally honest, the most rock and roll thing we've done has been to not make our beds, leave the water in the bath and - if we really want to brag - pinch the odd towel from the hotels we've stayed in after various A-list celebrity parties that we're always attending. These antics usually backfire on us, though, as our mum tends to find out and send us upstairs without tea.  


     So, what makes Medusa so good that they want to make hecklerspray strap on air guitars and rock out all night long? Well for a start, Medusa are a rock band where you can actually hear what frontman Julian is singing! Too many acts are rolled off the rock and roll production line only to seemingly scream random words. Many a time have we been out at a gig or a club night, confused as to what is being spewed in our general direction. On a side note, it is amusing when grindcore bands supply lyrics for you to scream sing along to. Most notably, anything that The Locust have done.


     While the band's name Medusa traditionally conjures up images of some kind of vile evil-looking woman (like one of our ex girlfriends) that will turn you to stone with one glance, it's a huge relief that Medusa seem to have no evilness or horrible sounds connected to them at all. With the current populist crop of rock music tending to sadly drive to the direction of emo with all the whiny gimps telling us how fucked up their life is, hecklerspray is glad to see some good old fashioned rock music making a comeback.  


     All the tracks up for listening on Medusa's MySpace page make us just wanna create havoc and chaos. The guitar licks are raw, edgy and full of energy, just like at a good live gig. And on further inspection, this is because Medusa recorded their album in the space of five days. Now we're writers, not musicians (though some of us have tried and failed) but even we realise this is quick. Some records can take up three years to come out and - if you're Guns N' Roses, ten. So, recorded in such a short time span, these songs show hard work, dedication and - most of all - the ability to create tracks that you can mosh along to in the privacy of your own home.


     Why not buy a copy of Medusa's awesome mini-album? If, like us, you were totally blown away by the three songs on Medusa's MySpace page, then goddamn go and purchase it! It's only a tenner and, let's be honest, for that price it's almost like going to any so-called trendy bar in London and ordering two measly pints.  


     That's why Medusa dick on the Towers of London.


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