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20 Dec 2011





     Exclusive interview with Julian Molinero in FMV Magazine!



     Unsung Rock: Meet Medusa – The Bad Boys Of Metal

     Posted by Dan Jenko on Tuesday, December 20, 2011




     Dan Jenko spoke to perhaps the only metal band in the UK that can claim to have stolen Russell Brand's garden gnome, enraged a national newspaper and received an official complaint about throwing rubbish out of windows. A very warm Unsung Rock welcome to Medusa!


     Just when we thought rock and roll antics like throwing TVs out of windows were becoming unfashionable, along came Medusa. They're a band with a wealth of wild stories under their belts, and it just so happens they can churn out a pretty decent metal anthem as well.



     Julian Molinero, Medusa's frontman, started the band at the age of fourteen and two years later they played their first gig. But the band's arrival on the music scene wasn't exactly the smoothest.

     "We spent at least the first year being banned for life from every gig venue we played," claims Julian, "either for totally trashing the stage, or just being so bad it was unbearable to listen to. There was one where we weren't I think, but then it went back to being banned again."



     The name Medusa came to Julian when he was still a student.

     "I decided on the name in French class in school, trying to make a list in an exercise book. I knew that it was perfect and what I had been looking for straight away. Some time before that I was watching a TV music show and someone accidentally referred to Madonna as Medusa, and I believe it subconsciously came from this."


     It's a name that will no doubt leave quite a legacy in metal music, if not for the band's music then for their rather plentiful shenanigans. Julian told Unsung Rock that aside from creating Medusa's albums, pissing off The Sun newspaper was one of the band's major 'high-points'.




     "We sent them an email claiming to be from an angry father called Henry Balunfaisse, saying his fourteen year old daughter had thrown a party when her parents had gone away, where Medusa had played and advertised it on MySpace, and several hundred punks had turned up and totally trashed the place, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and painting the family dog blue.


     "The Sun rang back instantly demanding to come around and see all this, sending a photographer straight away, so I had half an hour to find a blue dog, a trashed house, a young girl and a man who looked old enough to be her father. Amazingly I did, and hid upstairs in the house that was meant to have been wrecked, laughing while they took photos of the trashed garden. But they couldn't let the photographer in the house to see the extensive damage, as there wasn't any, so he got suspicious and called the local police station who denied everything."



     The same newspaper crossed paths with Medusa again when they reported that the band had angered Russell Brand, claiming that they stole his Garden Gnome and their bass player peed on one of his statues, after they played a gig at his house.



     As if that wasn't enough unruly behaviour, Medusa have also received an official warning for throwing rubbish and electrical equipment [a television] out of windows. Alice Cooper would be so proud.



     For further news on upcoming Medusa tracks and albums visit the band's Facebook page (

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