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Interview: Piotr Balkus Meets Medusa’s Julian Molinero

by Steve Kleenex on October 19th, 2011 at 7:25 pm

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Interview: Piotr Balkus Meets Medusas Julian Molinero



After recording the raucous, 80?s inspired “Self Titled” debut album in late 2006, just a matter of weeks after Medusa formed, singer/guitarist Julian Molinero’s band of rock ‘n’ roll lunatics took to the streets of the UK for a long and constant stream of live dates across the country’s music halls, spanning over two years.


During this time Julian began piecing together ideas for the lengthier second album “Can’t Fucking Win” and recording began in late February 2009, with a new refined sound and 360 degree sonic scope, while still maintaining the same vitriolic power and purring melodies.


The album was completed in December 2010, compiled and featuring production by Romesh Dodangoda, shortly after he had finished recording with Motorhead.


Medusa is the rock ‘n’ roll group the 21st century has been screaming for, a voice from within inciting truth and liberation. It’s about power, it’s about passion, it’s about fXXXing time.


The Black flag sent our newsest reporter Piotr Balkus to meet lead vocalist and main man behind band that is set to take London by storm.


Piotr Balkus: You describe your music as “vitriolic power and purring melodies”… Why is it about bitterness and hatred, and not about happiness and love?


Julian Molinero: I think it’s about all of those things, I used to be a lot more negative which shows in the band’s earlier music, but even now if you have a good attitude and strive for happiness or love or whatever, at some point, something’s going to piss you off. I think the more multi-mood music is, the better, because then you have something that’s always true and totally works whether you’re really up or really down. So that’s what I try to do – make honest, all-weather music.


PB: How you can convince Polish listeners to check out your latest album “Can’t Fucking Win” or just YouTube your music?


JM: I think it’s worth checking out most bands, and give them the chance of least a couple of seconds. You have to wade through so many terrible bands to find a good one but it’s worth it when you find something you really click with.


PB: There are thousands of bands in London. You think there is a place or niche for all of them?


JM: There are a lot of bands and it’s harder for the bands to get attention here than say a smaller city or town. There’s also more options for where people can spend their nights out instead of going to a particular show. It seems everyone wants attention for themselves these days too and there’s a lot of people in bands, doing it purely as a means for attention when they couldn’t give a fuck about the music. They could quite happily be an actor or tv presenter. These people usually make terrible music.


PB: Why did Paul Di’Anno from Iron Maiden say about you “Get yer hair cut!”?


JM: This is a long story and I can say no more.


PB: Tell me about Camden. What do you think of it? How much do you relate to the place?


JM: I only moved here earlier this year but I really like it and the band first stayed here when we recorded the first album back in 2006. We came back for several gigs over the years. I come from Blackburn, Lancashire though, which is where the band was first formed in the spring of 1998.



PB: On 2nd November you’re playing a gig at the Dublin Castle. Why should people who’ve never seen you before, come and watch your show?


JM: If they wanna see a good band play real music and mean it then they can come and check us out.




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