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So, this music video for Tinkerbell. I see it features an Oompa

Loompa, a stretched limo, and a woman in a fairy costume. Must have

been a fun shoot?!


Sure, also stressful though. I directed it and made the cartoon of the band which alone took six weeks. I'd considered getting into animation when I was around 13-14, I was a fan of Mike Judge who made Beavis and Butt-head but also Nirvana and was deciding which path to follow, whether to try and start making cartoons or learn guitar but I knew Mike Judge played guitar also, so that clinched it.


And then recently, I wondered- what would have happened if I had followed the other path? I made the watercolours first then invented a way of animating them. It was horrible. This was my first and last ever animation.


I should point out there are other animations in the video which I did not do. They were by an animator in Rome and are rotoscoped. He traced some clips of me from the first video and also a depiction of a dream I had, where I accidentally killed a fairy, which the song was written about. I told him the full story of the dream so there are details in there that aren't even in the lyrics.


I bet there were some crazy things happening while the video was being filmed?


We filmed it on my birthday and as I was drinking from the start, I'd be lying if I said I remembered it too well, so have to base it on watching back the footage, there is one part where you can hear me in the background saying to the midget ''In about one minute I'm gonna be too pissed to be in charge. So you're in charge, okay?''.


Also, I never told the DOP/cameraman Adam Simcox, what we would actually be filming. He directed the first video for Venomous and on that he wouldn't allow anything too crazy, like at the start where there is an old guy in the record shop, I spent the morning going around the charity shops in Camden getting women's clothes and accessories including a blue wig for him to drag up but when we arrived at the store Adam Simcox wouldn't allow it.


So on this video, as my first time directing and producing, I had free reign but I kept it a secret right until the point where we picked up the midget. There's a part on the footage at the first point Adam was on his own 5 minutes later opposite the London eye where the band is fighting you can hear him sniggering and muttering to himself saying ''Look mate, this is...''



You guys seem to have a proper 'rock' mentality, complete with wild

exploits. Do you think that's something that's generally missing from

the music scene these days? Are you keen to bring back the days of TVs

out of windows and cars in swimming pools?


I wouldn't really describe it as missing. Band's express themselves and it's just unfortunate that most rock 'n' roll bands these days are, at heart, just fucking boring, there's a lot of bands who all look and sound the same following the 80's formula, often wanting to be in a band for the wrong reasons and they get expensive production but are happy to leave out the heart, neglecting songwriting almost completely, as if it's not important. They fucking suck.


They could throw a hundred TVs into a hundred swimming pools but it wouldn't mean a thing. Medusa does stuff like that when we feel like it because we fucking mean it and I'm a bit crazy so it can't really be helped.


Passion is the only important thing to me. Let's see these cliched cunts spend six weeks doing nothing but animating!


Tell me a bit about how the band came together originally? I remember

you saying the band started life in Leeds - whereabouts were you based

and how did you start out? Are you all originally from this neck of

the woods?


I was born in Blackburn, Lancashire but we were based in Leeds for quite a few years, I moved there twice. I've lived in many different houses, from Headingley and Woodhouse to right in the city centre. also an angry ferret loose, which was left there for RSPCA to pick up.


When Dan Jenko interviewed you for FMV Magazine you said you spent the

first year getting banned from every venue you played. What were the

craziest things you did to warrant such blacklisting? Were you ever

chased out of anywhere?




Beyond Magazine - Interview